Jumat, 26 Juni 2009


Outbreaks of H1N1 has spread to the whole world, world health organization (WHO) said that this outbreaks is a"state of emergency which is the worlds health problems for world.

H1N1 is a respiratory disease in bigs that can contaion between human to human coughing and sneziing.

Liz borkowsky, in the pamp handle the blog says,"pig flu quite common, but usually only in contagion from pigs to human. this new stram sems to be able to spread from human to human also create from children to adult. this means that the virus has the potential to cause a serious pandemic, so scholl that mexico has closed until may and inhibit collection of large public, includings the servant church."

H1N1 virus that peneatread in mexico of late also spread through email. victims can lose important fail, and will be derected to the online sites.

such as loss of momentums, spammers concerns H1N1 with the virus infected email fraud. I like this which a technique known engineering.

symantec social security and company of other email spam with a provocative title and the name of celebrities, some botnet tell these contain links to online pharmacie so whith simtoms H1N1 extended to the internet network. must be vigilant if you receive a spam email, to avoid the virus to your computer.

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