Kamis, 25 Juni 2009


Elections in the country iran ferment,after the group's mirhossein mousavi reject the election results in which the value is held underhand.

Victims fell the oposition party supporters mousavi, said an AFP its editors to the lung (24/06) is in detention after the newpaper did kalemeh sabz. Close it by the authotiries in connection with the presidential election in which dispute the elected president mahmaud ahmadinejad againts.

Demonstration still ongoing in the tehran more then 100.000 people thing the performance againts the elected president. Mousavi demand support the new election and block roads capital city tehran, mousavi is the oposition candidate in the presidential is less ahmadinejad iran president in the election yesterday.

Thousand of pro-reform students and follow a course of conservatife hard hold public meetings in tehran.

Around 2000 pro-reform student protest againts the death penalty and urge hashem aghajari said opinion.

While supporting freedom ahmadinejad demonstration competitor do they carry a flag iran image and country's highest ayatullah ali khamaeni and image mahmaud ahmadinejad action in this demo organisir by the ulama power the rival the action demo do in mousavi rival the presidential election.

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