Kamis, 09 Juli 2009

Writing can be money in the shvoong

If you hoby in writing the article, have the ability to make a useful and beneficial for the reader then you can distribute it in writing talents shvoong.

Shvoong you write on the royalties on any post to you, you just
write a summary article in the news, film or book-length novel from poppular.

Shvoong is a summary
level of the world, offers a summary of many fad in 34 languages, all of which you write the summary is very useful to readers.

Shvoong is a very interesting site to earn online income. Here you can submit a summary or review of any published written text, written in your own words.

You may choose any published book, article, newspaper, website or academic work. Shvoong don't accepts any original content.

Shvoong's goal is to summarize human knowledge. So all texts submitted must be summaries of exiting text. It is not a forum for creative writing.

Write a summary or review of any book, article, newspaper, academic paper or website, in up to 900 words (your own words) upload the summary to shvoong (with the option of linking to the summarized text) and receive lifetime royalties! You can refer your friend and earn cash.

Shvoong shares 10% of its advertising revenues with the writers. The criteria for the distribution of money amongst the writers is the number of times a summry is viewed.

So, your writing should be attractive enough to draw traffic. You get paid when your earnings reaches at least $10. Payment is made via paypal or check.

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